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In Dungeon is a 2D platformer hardcore made with pixel art. The main character, Allan Callahan, is trying to escape of the dungeon by facing different challenges and looking for other treasure hunters. Can you help him escape the dungeon before his fate is sealed?

The main character, known as, Allan Callahan, is part of a league known as, The League of Hunters, which aims to find treasures in various adventures. However when several hunters disappear, Allan Callahan is sent to find the others hunters, taking along him some weapons, a whip, a bow and a little of magic.

-12 levels and growing;
-Collect coins to pass the level;
-Collect power ups;
-Discovery new secret areas;
-Find treasures hidden;
-The time is your enemy;
-Buy items;
-Three levels of difficult: Easy, Medium and Hard
-Add more difficulties to the game, activating the options: "Time, Time " , "Penumbra", "The Risk" e "The Mythic";
-A lot of achievements.

This game is very difficult? Yes. Can you die even on easy level? Maybe, but believe, on medium and hard level you will can die a lot of. If you like of game with difficult high, so, this game is for you.

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/670280/In_Dungeon/


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It is with great pride that I announce the release of the game In Dungeon on Steam with Early Access


i was wondering what software you used to create the game. I like thook of the game. 🙂

Thanks. I create this game with the engine GameMaker. 

Is there a weapon that needs to be found? Cause I went into the first level and couldn't attack... 

Yes, there is. When you find the weapon press X key to attack. The weapon is a icon with sword. Some places you need to get power ups

New version demo released